The HCSO’s Reserve Command has a fully staffed reserve academy staff which conducts in-service, advanced, and basic training for HCSO reserve deputies, as well as regular deputies, and personnel from other law enforcement agencies. Some of the training provided by the HCSO Reserve Academy staff includes:


     • Basic Peace Officer Class (licensing)

     • Advance firearms classes (tactical pistol, patrol rifle, shotgun, low light

       shooting, etc.)

     • Crisis intervention training

     • Legislative training updates

     • Tactical trauma care and tactical first aid

     • Marine Safety Enforcement Officer certifications

     • Supervisory classes

     • TCOLE  Instructor Certification

     • Asset forfeiture

     • TASER classes

     • Mechanics of arrest and expandable baton certifications

     • Krav Maga and defensive tactics for law enforcement

     • Intermediate and Advanced Certification classes


Persons wishing to become HCSO Reserve Deputies (and do not have a peace officer license already) will be enrolled in the HCSO Basic Peace Officer Class after completing the application process.  This class meets 3 times per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings) and on some weekends, and contains all of the requisite content to become a fully licensed Texas Peace Officer.


The HCSO Basic Peace Officer Class takes place in a paramilitary atmosphere and includes physical fitness training.  At the conclusion of the class, cadets are tested by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and are issued a Basic Peace Officer license by the State of Texas. There is no charge for this class, and most equipment and materials required for the basic class are provided by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.


Subjects taught in the Basic Peace Officer Class include:


     • The U.S and TX Constitution and the Bill of rights

     • Penal Code

     • Code of Criminal Procedures

     • Traffic Laws and Traffic Accident Investigations

     • Use of Force Law

     • Taser, expandable baton and defensive tactics

     • Firearms

     • DWI enforcement and sobriety testing

     • Patrol Procedures

     • Active shooter response

     • Emergency vehicle operations

     • Criminal investigations and crime scene procedures

     • Arrest, Search and Seizure Law

     • Drug Laws and Drug Enforcement

     • Alcoholic Beverage Laws

     • Community policing and cultural sensitivity

     • Physical fitness and stress management


Cadets will be issued all required uniforms, name tags and a training gun belt with all required accessories, a pistol holster, and a Taser. All ammunition and consumables required for the class are provided by the HCSO. To complete the basic class, a cadet should be prepared to provide the following:


     • A duty type pistol or revolver (most common manufacturers are HCSO

       approved, including Beretta, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, Colt,

       Kimber, Springfield Armory, CZ, Heckler and Koch, and Ruger and Walther.

       Approved calibers include .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9mm, 10mm, .40 S&W,

       357 SIG and .45 ACP)

     • 3 magazines or 2 speed loaders

     • An expandable baton

     • Handcuffs

     • A good quality police type flashlight

     • Gloss shoes

     • A Texas law handbook

     • Note taking supplies

     • Any optional non issued equipment (e.g. shotgun, patrol rifle,

       additional flashlights, etc.)



HCSO Academy Building

HCSO Academy Weight Room

Classroom Time

Deputy Mike Faas Firearms Complex

Firing Range 1

ASP Training



RESERVE RECRUITING INQUIRIES email:  HCSOReserveInfo@sheriff.hctx.net

or call:  713-274-4788